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Alternative Rock Band from London

Progressive, eclectic, funky.

SKETCHDOLL are a UK alternative-rock band, who blend funk-rock, progressive-pop, and jazz-fusion.

The debut album SEE THROUGH ME is out now all major platforms, featuring 9 original tracks.

The follow up album AFTERWILDLIFE is in production and is due for release in 2024.

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"SIERRA ECHOES conjures up an image of a lone cowboy, riding through the desert, sleeping under the stars. It's an absolutely beautiful piece of music." - Callum French, BBC Introducing

A winning combination of musical dexterity and smart writing. Unconventional, yet refreshing indie.’ – Right Chord Music

'HYPOTHERMIA has a catchy groove and passionate performance; what sets it apart is its clever incorporation of jazz-infused moments'. - Skylight

THE EARLY BIRD is a delightful tune, an elegant, minimalist composition’ – Tonic Grain

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